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 [Gimmick] Semideias

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PostSubject: [Gimmick] Semideias   Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:06 am

Wrestler Name: semideias
Height: 5,3 ft (192cm)
Weight: 242lb (110kg)
Appearance: A tall brown hair man, using a black jeans and a black t-shirt with the logo of Metallica. Using a cap with Linkin Park logo.

Story: Semideias born in Lisbon, Portugal, in a very rich neighbour. Semideias always got everything he could wish for, because he's unique son and his fathers work hard as CEO's from different rival companies, and because of that in his home he didnt got mother and father, he always had to watch at dinner the rivalry from his parents. Soon, semideias become best friend of one of the worst guy in the neighbour, and always was running from the police.
One day, he got caught in a robbery and when he was in jail waiting for his parents to come, a man using tight black clothes come to him and said: "I know your life, i know you story and i know that you are a good boy, so i want you in my show, i am currently the General Manager of Thunderstruck Pro Wrestling, and i want you wrestling in my show", that man was the GM Mašaranduba. Now, semideias proudly wrestle in Thunderstruck Pro Wrestling.

P.S- Link for my entrance video:
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[Gimmick] Semideias
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