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PostSubject: Execution3R   Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:31 pm

Wrestler Name: Execution3R
Height : 5' 8" Weight : 200 lb
Appearance: a silver mullet hair with a jean jacket and trouser. Wearing a sunglasses like Bret Hart's sunglasses.
Story: From North East of Thailand Execution3R is a boy who born to be a farmer like his parents. When he was a boy he was studied a Thai Boxing with a legendary Thai Boxer. One day he saw his parents was threaten & harm by rice-middleman. Then Execution3R came to help his parents and punch a rice-middleman till a rice-middleman's tooth was broken. A rice-middleman chivy Execution3R and his family, this make Execution3R and his family resettled to Bangkok Metropolis. in Bangkok Execution3R started his new life from a Thai-boxer. 6 months later Execution3R gonna be a Thai-boxing champion, that's make a wrestling's scout see him and advised him to be a wrestler. Execution3R go to the Stu hart's wrestling school and graduated from this school. and this is Execution3R way to be a wrestlier.
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