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 Start Working!

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PostSubject: Start Working!   Thu Jun 05, 2008 6:27 am

Ok.. every1 must read this! The past 2 shows were made by me and the gm, and we made a lot of segments.. But, we are kinda running out of segments, you know.. Thats why we need you to help us to improve our shoWS! We already sent msg to all the wrestlers on the roster, saying that you MUST be active on FORUM! The ones that are not active on forum will be fired as soon as we can!
So, for those ones that are active, try getting a rivalry! We need segments.. Find out wich team you are in (macaranduba or marrylouw.. If not sure, pm me or macaranduba for questions), and try starting a rivalry with some1 on the other team!
And, we do need you to do that as soon as possible!!
MarryLouw, Vice-Gm of Thunderstruck Pro Wrestling.

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PostSubject: Re: Start Working!   Thu Jun 05, 2008 6:41 am

By the way, keep an eye on the shows to know what's going on drunken
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PostSubject: Re: Start Working!   Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:40 pm

Once we are set we can start making those we sign show how usefull they really are which will affect the contract they receive.

Before actually signing them we can ask them to write up a biography and show us how well of a writer they are. Depending on how well they perform we can give them a different size contract compared to those who perform better or worst.
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PostSubject: Re: Start Working!   

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Start Working!
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