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 Psycho Killer gimmick

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PostSubject: Psycho Killer gimmick   Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:59 am

So this is all kayfabe (not my real name, country or such).

Real Name: Alexander Night
In-Ring name: Psycho Killer

Gimmick: heel/face/tweener (really doesn't matter...i could go heel if you wish)

Alexander Night was born in a poor German family, in a village near Nurnberg. Having been forced from youth to make sacrifices in order to live a decent life, Alexander began to seek ways to help his family. As luck had it, Master Yoshimune, a famous master of the ancient and dangerous martial art Shin-Do-Ken (personal note: its morning here so i just made the name up), was seeking for trainees, and so he saw Alexander in a fight with some bullies. The Master saw Alexander's potential and offered to help him. Alexander took the offer and so he became one of Yoshimune's best students. However, in the years when he was away his family was murdered by a German mafia boss, known only as the Cobra. The news angered and grieved Alexander to the point of serious depression. Yoshimune felt the darkness inside Alexander and knew that there is no way he could be he taught him his final lessons, and gave him his blessing, letting him go and do whatever he saw fit.
But Alexander could not control his hatred. The next 10 years of his life he spent in seeking Cobra. Finally he managed to enter an underground circuit of illegal fights ran by Cobra. When asked to choose a name he chose Psycho Killer as a message and warning for Cobra. Each battle he had increased his thirst for revenge, and also his hunger for more fights. After becoming champion of the ring, Cobra came to salute him...a swift Lexus took Cobra's life. Alexander had no emotion could be read on his face. The killing of his nemesis did not made him feel better...He soon realized his life was shattered, and his purpose (the revenge) was gone...all he had left were the fights.
So...he traveled to USA where he began to fight in underground competitions, under the name he used for so many years, Psycho Killer.
And one day it happened..he was discovered by a GM from professional wrestling and was offered a chance to shine, to get his life back on track. Alexander accepted, although in his soul he knew that will not happen. But at least now he has a be the best and become champion, once again..
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Psycho Killer gimmick
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