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Avric Arian
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PostSubject: Invitationals   Mon Jun 16, 2008 9:59 am

Everyone should try their best to keep Invitationals directed towards those within our own roster, and here is why.

Invitationals lead to more money... If we use that money to buy entrances we will get more fans which leads to more experience and more money which can be spent to get even more entrances which throws you both in a cycle that leads to alot of good stuff which not only helps you guys, but in the end helps the show. The more you put into entrances, and the more fans you gain helps the show so we have more money to put towards better gimmick matches and raises our rank which leads to alot more tickets sold.. Pretty much an all around good thing..

So try to use up all your invitational matches everyday on people in our roster.

I personally don't care if I lose every match so feel free to use them all on me if you want. The money I make will be used well!
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PostSubject: Re: Invitationals   Mon Jun 16, 2008 1:34 pm

i entirely agree with u, and here's the list in order of who got most fans, and if u challenge the top wrestler in fans u gain more money:

Mašaranduba 490
MarryLouw 446
47 H 428
TheNotorious_BenZ 372
Baran 362
Krum 279
Danny "the dog" 262
Jacob Capercaillie 213
The aMACEing One Supporter 212
Psycho Killer 192
The Streaker Supporter 190
DonPromillo 183
Alex Macfarlane 181
Xillao 178
The Butcher 168
Curly 165
Execution3R 162
Ganso Red Neck Supporter 152
Trojan Rabbit Supporter 143
SlimShady 135
zeus the fighter 135
boomer ph hayes 127
Mr Garfield 125
Pneu 125
alvarus 116
semideias 110
Wonderwoman 101
Dnight 95
THE GORE R K O!!!!!!!!!!! 58
the legend taker 54
HBM 52

im sorry if the list is messed up but im a lazy man.. Its in order, so, just start from the top to the bottom.
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