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 Thomas Young gimmick

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PostSubject: Thomas Young gimmick   Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:16 am

Wrestler Name: Thomas Young
Height and Weight - 6'1'', 245lbs
ENTRANCE MUSIC: ""Screams Of the Undead" - Demon Hunter
STYLE: Submission/Technical/Brawler
Titles held- REBEL World Tag Team Titles, 2nd level championship (4 occasions)

Appearance: Thomas has tanned white skin, shoulder-length black hair that is almost always wet, and a chin beard that is almost always accompanied with a 5'oclock shadow. In the ring he wears black athletic shorts with a red stripe going down both sides. black kneepads and black boots, a black elbow pads, his wrists are taped up (tape is red) and he wears black fingerless gloves. Outside of the ring, if he isn't wearing his wrestling attire, he'll have jeans on, a black shirt or hoodie and a beanie.

Story: While Thomas' birthplace is debated it is known that his first wrestling experiences occurred in a backyard wrestling fed. There he took what he knew and brought it to NAPW where he found some early success with his Tag-Team Partner Prince Darko. Although that success didn't last too long as the two entered a nearly year long losing streak. At the start of the new year Thomas promised to start following through and out of anger punched out his manager and stormed off set vowing that the Foundation would come back with a vengeance. Then 03/27/2007 everything changed. Thomas along with Darko's help nearly ended his brothers career by assisting in curbstomping him into the steel steps. The duo then joined REBEL a brand-new fed that said f*ck the rules and supplies endless hardcore mayhem. Thomas and Darko saw it as an opportunity and took it. There they became the Tag Team Champions. Once again the Foundation fell into a rut and they began to constantly argue and fight. Although the two solved their problems and vowed to come back strong once more, Thomas ended up assaulting a police officer and getting fired from REBEL. Darko was then sent to NAPW. After a couple of months in jail, Thomas somehow managed to get out and another contract with REBEL, while working there, he has been on a constant chase to hold the promotions world title, and has buried the hatchet with his little brother. On his way to a REBEL show, Thomas received a phone call, and that call was what got him a spot in Thunderstruck Pro Wrestling. Luckily for Thomas, REBEL works shows on Tuesdays. While Thomas is accepted and known throughout REBEL Pro, Thunderstruck is uncharted territory for this up and coming indy wrestler.

Finishers- Shades of Death (Emerald Frosion Custom, Anaconda Clutch Premium (Modified Anaconda Cross), and
Young Driver (Double Underhook Piledriver

Signature moves - Modified STO, Modified Koji Clutch, and Modified Tie-up Knee Strike.

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Thomas Young gimmick
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