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 Thomas Young's interview! (Night of Match.)

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PostSubject: Thomas Young's interview! (Night of Match.)   Thu Jun 19, 2008 7:17 am

Coric rushes down the hallway searching for Thomas Young. He has to interview him the deadline is tonight before the man's fight. Coric spins as his shoulder bumps another man's. Turning around he grabs the man by his shirt. Quickly he pulls him close enough that he could smell the person's horrible breath. Coric's eyes wander towards this dirty person's face, "Oh! Thomas Young! I was just looking for you!"

Letting go of Thomas he straightens out his shirt and fixes his collar. "There we go, now it's time for your interview. I'm Coric, I'm sure you have heard of me, " Coric says as he takes the microphone away from his face and pushes it in Young's. A blank expression reaches across the man's face as the statement was made. He slowly shakes his head, "Nope... I've never heard your name in my life."

Coric's eyes widen as he sits quiet for a few moments. He get's his act together and brings the microphone to his own face as he lightens up, "WELL PRETTY SOON EVERYONE WILL HEAR OF ME! I WILL BE THE MOST FAMOUS INTEVIEWER EVER!!!" Coric could help but shout as spit is sprayed into Thomas Young's face, "Sorry about that."

Thomas brings his hands up to his face quickly wiping away the wetness, "Ok ok, no need to yell, let's just get this over with."
Coric nods, "Alright, so I hear you have a match tonight. What's your strategy?" Thomas smirks giving the look that he thinks he's better than everyone else, "Well, I don't need a strategy. No matter who it is I'm going against, I will tear them apart piece by piece. He will be crying for his mother."

A big smile reaches across Coric's face, and his mouth opens letting out a joyful voice, "Well, aren't you an arrogant bastard?" The smile never leaving his face, Coric shoves the microphone into Young's chest. Thomas brings up both hands to grab the microphone. Coric kicks his enemy in the stomach forcing him to bend over, he wraps an arm around his neck and grabs his hand with his opposite one. Making sure his wrist is digging into Thomas's throat he pulls up applying pressure. Coric falls backwards bringing his opponent down with him, he doesn't full execute the guillotine he just does a ddt instead. He stands up leaving Thomas on the ground, "I'm your opponent in the ring tonight, and that is just a taste of what you're going to get. I'll tell you my strategy, it is to break both of your little arms, then to break your neck. Well see you out there, "with that Coric lands a well placed kick to the side of Young's head. Coric leaves the scene to go get ready for his match.

(Hey Thomas, sorry about the god-modding, but there really was a deadline and I had no idea when you were getting on.)
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Thomas Young's interview! (Night of Match.)
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