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 DonPromillo´s Gimmick

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PostSubject: DonPromillo´s Gimmick   Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:01 pm

Wrestler Name: DonPromillo
Appearance: DonPromillo´s always wearing bacl trousers and a black T-Shirt, with a white skull, when he´s walking towards the ring. Before he starts to fight he takes off his shirt and trows it into the crowd
Hight: 6ft 1inch (1,85 m)
Weight: 220 lb (100kg)
Story: DonPromillo was bad ass from the beginning. Nobody coul tell him waht to do. This was the reason why he failed miserably in school and was kicked out from his parents. He lived on the sreets, where he earned his money with dirty jobs, while in his free time he spent every minute in the gym. Someday a stranger came to him and offered him a wrestling contract for the Indipendet circut, where I made himself a name. He wrestled there for a long time before he was hired at TPW
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DonPromillo´s Gimmick
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